At Café de Jaren you can hold events, either on the terrace or in our private space the Monument. If you wish to hold a party for a larger group, then we can reserve the main bar for you. All rooms are available from 8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. Friday and Saturday to 2.00 p.m. Please contact us to host your event. We’re glad to make you a suitable offer. See below for available capacity.

sitting standing
bar – café 50 150
monument 30 60
café upstairs 120 200
rooftop terrace 60 60
annex upstairs 40 40


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bar – café

Café de Jaren’s entrance is dominated by the long bar and high mirrored wall with well-stocked shelves. The bar area can accommodate groups of up to 150 people for drinks and snacks.

monument downstairs

The Monument is a room on the ground floor of Café de Jaren, available for coffee, lunch and drinks. The room has an impressive view across the River Amstel.

The Monument can accommodate 30 people seated and 60 people standing.


Café de Jaren’s famous terrace is located at the back of the café on the canal where boats can moor alongside the jetty. The terrace has a view across the River Amstel.

café upstairs

In our café upstairs you can organize your party at wish.

rooftop terrace (non smoking)

From the café upstairs you can reach our non smoking rooftop terrace. Here you can organize your party at wish, 365 days a year. This terrace has a fine view across the River Amstel.

annex upstairs

The first-floor Annex is available for meetings, lunches, high teas and private dining.

The Annex can seat 40 people. During a meeting or dinner, the doors can be closed to keep out noise.

The Annex can be reserved for a private lunch or dinner for groups of between 25 and 40 people.